Monday, 20 November 2017

16 November Meeting Notes

We all braved the cold to take photos of Phil risking life and limb to provide entertainment and a photo opportunity.

Later at the children's play park Derek provided the illuminations for attachment to various moving objects (and people).

2nd November Meeting Notes

I hope those who came to Marcus MacAdam's talk last night went away inspired - maybe to feel braver about talking to people on their travels (before taking images of them!) or maybe just to put a (re)visit to Skye on their 'places to go' list!!  

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

19 October 2017 Meeting Notes

Derek started the meeting by reminding us that at the next meeting we had a guest speaker, Marcus Macadam, who would be talking on Photographing your local landscape and Travel photography. Corsham had been invited and several of their members intended coming along, and members’ guests were also welcome. All guests to pay £2.

On 29th October we are having an autumn shoot, meeting at Westonbirt Arboretum at 10.30 at the welcome building. Please let Sue know if you are intending to come along so that we don’t walk off without anyone.

A little problem then needed resolving before we could review our Action pictures. Our reliable laptop and projector guardian had, we think, disappeared into the wilds of Exmoor. 2 laptops and an iPad were rummaged from member’s belongings, and we gathered in groups to review the images. 

An excellent set of images were submitted and each member talked us through their image and answered questions from the floor and a positive discussion ensued over each image. In a funny way, it was a more intimate appraisal, and everyone very supportive of a make shift review evening.

After tea break we again gathered round in groups of roughly 4 to critique images brought in by members. Once again this small intimate approach worked exceedingly well. Certainly my group were positive and informative with added suggestions on techniques to use post production to enhance aspects of the images. 

5 October 2017 Meeting Notes

Derek welcomed Robert Harvey, our guest speaker to talk about his selection of images “By The Sea”.

Derek reminded everyone that at our next meeting we will review images of “Action” and that these need to be submitted via Goggle drive no later than Monday 16th October. He also reminded us that the next meeting would be an active critique evening and for everyone to bring in 4 prints of either their own, or images that they have selected, to critique.

We then proceeded to enjoy Robert’s presentation. His images are from all around the British Isles, and he stressed the importance of doing homework with regard to tides and the moon phase, the position of the sun and times of sunset and sunrise as well as the time of year. Calm seas and wet beaches for good reflections, long exposures to enhance calmness and reflections, and also rough seas for dramatic waves. He also stressed the importance of the geology of the rocks and the topography of the shoreline and using foreground detail to enhance an image.

After a very enjoyable 2 hours Peter thanked Robert for his stimulating talk and we all showed our appreciation.

Robert concluded with a reminder that Charlie Waite was speaking at Bradford on Avon 11th November and that tickets were available at £15 per head. 

He also gave details of his workshops should anyone be interested.

Friday, 22 September 2017

September 21 2017 Meeting Notes

Derek welcomed everyone to the Club and said that Pete would be giving a presentation, Phil would be showing us some AVs and Bob would also be showing us an AV.

He also said that Bob had put the book library on Google Drive and if anybody would like to borrow a book to please send him an e-mail and he will arrange to bring it to the next available meeting.  

Derek said he would be arranging a couple of Autumn Photo sessions at Westonburt on Sundays in October and would let everybody have the details shortly.  He would also be arranging a session at Bradford on Avon at the end of November/December.  

Robert Harvey would be giving a presentation to the Club at the next meeting on the 5th October with a theme of ‘By the Sea’.  

On the 19th October and theme of the meeting will be ‘Action’.  If you would like to take ‘Action’ photographs there is a practice motorcycle race at Box on the 8th October, Derek will advise you of the times.  Also Bowood Country Fair will be on this Saturday 23rd September and also on the same day the Country Comes to Town Fair will be held at Devizes from 10am onwards.

Pete gave a good presentation on Lightroom and demonstrated how to improve your photographs.  He took a number of questions, this will help everybody get the best results from their photographs.

David told everybody about ‘We Transfer’ which will allow you to transfer large files via e-mail.

Bob gave us a presentation on ‘Fake News’.

Phil gave a slide show titled ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ about a rabbit, ‘Knights In White Satin’ with pictures of white birds and ‘What a Wonderful World’.

Thanks to everybody who contributed. See you all on the 5th.